Let's Make Your New Home Sparkle!

Let's make your new house clean before you move in!

What do we provide?

We classify each unfurnished house as empty, regardless of whether it is before or after the move. Contrary to popular belief,
cleaning of an empty house is much more difficult than other houses and requires much more effort in terms of cleaning settled dirt and dusts
with strong chemicals.


Why Mutlubiev?


We classify every unfurnished house as empty. Contrary to popular belief, cleaning of empty houses is much more difficult than the furnished ones. Removal of established dirt and dust with strong chemicals is a very challenging process. We make your empty house ready to live with special chemicals and cleaning materials!

What Is Included In Empty House Cleaning?

Empty houses require much more effort and longer hours of labor because of the permanent pollutions. According to size of the house, we provide 1 professional for 1 + 0 houses, 2 professionals for 1 + 1 and 1 + 2 houses, and 3 professionals for 3 + 1 houses. In Empty House Cleaning, we also bring cleaning materials and chemicals.

How Can I Get Empty House Cleaning?

For quality and reliable service, all you have to do is register on Mutlubiev website and create the order that best suits your needs. In addition to cleaning services, you can purchase additional services such as iron, interior glass, cabinet cleaning and create the order that best suits your needs.

What Happens If Any Damages Occur In My House?

For Empty House Cleaning and other services provided by Mutlubiev, your house is under guarantee up to 250,000 TL with AXA Insurance. For cleaning services that you are not satisfied with, we offer compensatory and happy score identification options in accordance with our 100% Happiness Policy. You can enjoy our reliable and quality service!

Your house is under guarantee with
AXA Insurance!

Our first priority is to make you feel safe. First time in Turkey, we insure your house up to 250.000 TL with AXA Insurance against the damages that may occur during our service.

Advantages of AXA Insurance


We insure your home up to 250.000 TL with
AXA Insurance against the damages that may occur during your service.


If you report the damage that has occurred in your home to us within 72 hours, the Customer Services will immediately inform you and take necessary actions.


Your safety is our first priority. We secure your office within our agreement with AXA Insurance.
For all cleaning professionals:
- We check their criminal records.
- We check their references.
- We put them through regular training.
- We check their live locations and find quick solutions to the problems that may occur.

Do you have any question about the cleaning service?

Our aim is to provide the best service that will make you happy at the most affordable price. We offer additional services  to provide a pricing option for your specific needs, to support a fair earning system among our cleaning professionals, and to serve you according to the competencies of our cleaning professionals.
You can easily earn free cleaning by suggesting Mutlubiev to your friends! For every friend who orders with your reference, you can earn 40 Happy Money and use it whenever you want in whatever amount.
Mutlubiev professionals do not have a definite term of service. Our cleaning professional will not leave your house without performing a Mutlubiev quality of house cleaning and extra services of your choice.
If you want to have an affordable house cleaning that meets basic needs of your house  in a short time, half-day house cleaning is for you!