There are two main reasons why you can not pay in these ways: Security and technical reasons. We do not accept cash payments to avoid putting you and our cleaning professional in a difficult situation. The reason we can not get payment by bank card is due to the insufficiency of the infrastructural.
Your safety is very important to us. We use İyzico's secure payment infrastructure and accept payment by credit card only.
As Mutlubiev, we think that keeping credit card information in our system is not the right thing to do. All of your payment information is kept securely in the infrastructure of İyzico.
If you have another question about the payment, you can email us at [email protected] or contact us via the live support!
When you create your order, your payment is automatically withdrawn from your credit card
You can edit your order as you wish and add / subtract from our additional services. The amount up to the difference in the service price is returned to the credit card. You can see this as a refund from credit card transactions.
If you wish to cancel your order, we will refund the payment in full or in part to your credit card under the terms of cancellation and refund.
You can add credit card information from the Payment page At the end of the order steps or from the My Account page.
You can edit your order as you wish and add / subtract from our additional services. You can see this as an additional payment from credit card transactions.
Of course, yes! You can add a coupon code on the edit my order page. When the order is created, the amount withdrawn from the credit card registered in our system is refunded by the amount of discount.

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We are aware that finding someone to clean your home or office is a painful and difficult process.
We have made this process easier with our mobile application and website.
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