Ofis Temizliği

Yes, we provide the necessary billing information when invoicing the service when the service is being created.
If you are satisfied with our cleaning professional, we can regularly send the same professional.
Yes, all our staff in our office services are insured.
According to the request, you can receive service every day and hour of the week.
We will initiate any necessary action if you notify us of any damage that may have occurred in your office within 72 hours after the service hour. We would like to remind you that we can not help you with any feedback after 72 hours.
To give you a safe service, we check the police records and references of every professional registered to the Mutluviev system. As we know this is not enough, we insure your office against any kind of damage with AXA Insurance for 250,000 TL.
You can make your payment by wire transfer.
Unfortunately you can not use any campaign or discount for office cleaning services.

Leave house cleaning to us and take time for yourself!

We are aware that finding someone to clean your home or office is a painful and difficult process.
We have made this process easier with our mobile application and website.
All you have to do is buy a professional cleaning service and enjoy your remaining time.