We understand your concerns during this period and cleaning your home by taking serious precautions

The health status of cleaning professionals is checked every day and only the healthy ones with low fever are allowed to serve.

The Most Attentive Cleaning in Covid-19 term is at Mutlubiev!

Cleaning professionals, who have been trained regularly provides service by following precautions to make your home spotless.

COVID-19 Secure Updates

Dear customers and Cleaning Professionals,

Since the day we were founded, as Cleanzy our aim has been to provide the most hygienic environment while our customers are enjoying their time for other things they love, as well as supporting especially women's employment with flexible working hours and transparent fee policy, and supporting Cleaning Professionals who are experts in their business. We believe that we will overcome the coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic, defined as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), by paying attention to the measures. Therefore, we, as Cleanzy, have taken the following measures for both our customers and Cleaning Professionals:

We had an online training on the measures that Cleaning Professionals should follow.

We aim to minimize cross-contamination by matching the same Cleaning Professional with customers who place regular orders with the Cleaning Professional.

In the case of any Covid-19 symptoms in Cleaning Professionals, we have been given the option to withdraw the service without deducting any fees. We offer the same option to our customers.

We provided masks, gloves and clothes support to Cleaning Professionals during the peak period of the pandemic.

What can you do?

Dear customers, the basic precautions for infection prevention are recommended below for reducing the general risk of contamination, especially if you are at home during the cleaning:

Please keep your mask on with your mouth and nose covered when the cleaning professional is at home.

Maintain social distance (1-2 meters) during cleans. If possible, stay in separate rooms.

Keep all doors open to minimize contact.

Keep the windows open for ventilation.

After cleaning, wash the cleaning cloths and mop covers at least 60 degrees.

If you have been in contact with outside, wash your hands with soapy water for at least 20 seconds.

Please inform us if you struggle with any signs of respiratory tract infection (fever, cough, respiratory distress, etc.).

Dear Cleaning Professionals, taking the following precautions for both your own health and your responsibility towards our customers will minimize the risk. We trust you!

If you are in the high-risk group (chronic illness, disability, pregnancy, being a nursing mother, etc.,) you should not provide any service during this period.

If you have a higher fever, if you feel sick/unwell, if you have a persistent cough, you should not go to the cleaning.

Please note that the use of masks is obligatory in public areas such as public transportation to be used while going to work. If possible, avoid contact by wearing gloves.

When you arrive at the address, if possible, prefer stairs instead of narrow elevators.

When you get home, keep your social distance (1-2 meters) with the customer and wash your hands with soapy water for at least 20 seconds without touching anywhere, especially avoiding your mouth, nose and eyes. Then use an alcohol-based hand antiseptic (disinfectant).

If possible, it would be beneficial to keep the clothes you wear outside (the coats, cardigans, vests etc.) on the balcony, or outside the door if there is no balcony, during the cleaning service.

Please do not remove your mask and gloves during cleaning. When coughing or sneezing, cover your nose and mouth with disposable tissue paper, throw the tissue away and wash your hands for 20 seconds, then do not remove your mask. Ventilate the house during cleaning.

It is sufficient to dilute 1 tablespoon of bleach in 1 gallon of clean water, please check the expiration date of the bleach used. Bleaches that have not expired will be sufficient for disinfection.

For cleaning with alcohol, a solution containing at least 70 percent alcohol should be used. One of the things that carry the germs in the kitchen is sponges. For this reason, the sponges should be cleaned frequently.

Cleaning water should be changed frequently. A separate cleaning cloth should be used for each room. If it is not possible, it should be ensured that the used clothes are thoroughly cleaned with hot water.