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Our process for post-construction is different from occupied homes.
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What Do We Provide?

Post-construction home cleaning is very different from occupied homes. Special chemicals, materials, and team work are required to remove the pollution and stains that the construction created.

İnşaatı tamamlanan eve yerleşmeden önce ya da evine yaptıracağın tadilat sonrası evin mutlaka alanında profesyonelleri tarafından temizlenmesi gerekir. mutlubiev.com,bu kısımda eğitimli ve profesyonel çalışanları ile İstanbul ve İzmir’de hizmetinizde.İnşaat sonrası ev temizliği hizmeti satın alma süreci, standart ev temizliği hizmetimizden farklı olarak teklif sistemi ile çalışıyor.

Why mutlubiev?

  • Professional Service

    We meet with our cleaning professionals face-to-face and complete their training. We continue to train them at specific intervals and provide all legal requirements for when they are in your home.

  • Reliable Employees

    We background check of all cleaning professionals and research their references.

  • Insurance Guarantee at Home

    We secure your home with AXA Insurance for up to 250,000 TL for the duration of the service you receive.

  • All Cleaning Supplies Provided

    No need to worry about cleaning supplies. We bring along all basic cleaning products if you wish.

  • %100 Happiness Guarantee

    We are always by your side during the service. You can reach to our dedicated customer service whenever you want. If you are not satisfied with the service, we compensate!

We clean your home with AXA Insurance Guarantee

Your safety is our first priority. We secure your office within our agreement with AXA Insurance.

What is Included in the Insurance?

You are guaranteed by AXA Insurance for 250,000 TL against any damages that may occur in your home.

How can I benefit from the insurance?

If you report the damage that has occurred in your office to us within 72 hours, the Customer Services will provide feedback to the party by performing the necessary actions.

How do we ensure your safety?

What do we do besides securing your home through our agreement with AXA Insurance? For all of our cleaning professionals:

  • - We background check.
  • - We check their references.
  • - We put them through regular training.
  • - During the service, we check their live locations and interfere if any problem occures.

Questions about the cleaning service?

You can find the answers on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Frequently Asked Questions