99.99% Effect on Viruses in the Office with Nano Disinfection!

Meet our Nano Disinfection services to enjoy more sterile working environment, free from bacterias and viruses.

With Nano Disinfection, your office is more steril now!

With our new service Nano Disinfection, we purify your office from viruses by 99.99%! Our office is our second home. However, are we really safe in the office? There are various bacteria and viruses which can not vanished by deep cleaning, especially in crowded and closed environments. Thanks to nano silver technology, iti is time to purify your office form the viruses and bacteria with antimicrobial and 100% herbal disinfectants that are harmless to human health.

Everything You Need to Know about Nano Disinfection

100% herbal and vegan

The product used during the process is Type-2 and Type-4 Biocidal Licensed and includes nanoparticles obtained by completely herbal synthesis. It is harmless to the environment and human health. It is toxic and chemical free.

Does not harm your skin

The procedure does not cause an allergic reaction that disrupts the functioning of living metabolism. The products being used are harmless to skin and suitable for human contact.

Destroys 99% of the viruses

Yapılan testlerde dezenfektanın birçok virüsü %99.99, bakteri ve mantarları %99.999 oranında yok ettiği tespit edilmiştir.

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What is Nano Disinfection?

Nano disenfection is a sterilization process which is 100% vegan and has 99.99% effect on viruses and 99.999% effect on bacterias. The product being used contains pure silver. Pure silver, by making herbal synthesis, is being reduced to nano size and gains antimicrobial properties. It does not contain hydrogen peroxide and chloride, as it is herbal, it does not cause toxic effects and does not cause irritation on the skin.

Is it effective against viruses?

Yes! Thanks to the nano disinfection, You will get rid of 99.99% of nearly 50 viruses and 99.999% of the bacteria and funghi in your living area. During the procedure, viruses will disappear within 1-5 minutes, bacterias within 15 seconds, and fungi within 5 minutes.

What is being done during the process?

Nano Disinfection is being done by spraying disinfectant containing nano silver particles with the help of a professional machine to penetrate all the desired area. It does not cause any damage on your furniture and does not require cleaning before or after the process.

Is cleaning required before / after the procedure?

The disinfection process does not require any cleaning or preparation before or after the procedure. You can make an order for office disinfection.

How long after the process can I be at the disinfected area?

During whole process, products with 100% herbal content are being used. The process does not cause any alergic reactions that harms the functioning of living metabolism. The product does not include hydrogen peroxide or chloride. It is produced with completely harmless ingredients and suitable to human contact. You can enjoy the disinfected area, during and after the process.

What is the content of the product used?

Farklı bitki türlerini kullanarak; gümüş, çinko, demir gibi maddelerin antimikrobiyal ve antikanserojen özellikteki nanopartikül sentezini yapmaktadır. Ürün hidrojen peroksit ve klorür içermez. Bu ürünlerde kullanılan gümüş sadece, Avrupa Birliği Kimya Ajansı, ECHA, tarafından onaylanmış tedarikçilerden satın alınmaktadır.
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