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How Do We Clean?

All cleaning professionals go through regular training before they join to our platform. You can find the details of the service we provide.

  • Kitchen Cleaning

  • - Trash is collected.
  • - Kitchen cabinets are cleaned from the outside.
  • - Dishes are collected and put into the machine (or washed if necessary).
  • - The oven walls and hood are cleaned.
  • - Kitchen utensils are dusted and a general sorting is done.
  • - Counter, washbasin, and sink are cleaned.
  • - Surfaces are wiped and cleaned.
  • Bathroom Cleaning

  • - Trash is collected.
  • - The outside of cabinets is wiped.
  • - Mirrors are cleaned.
  • - The bathroom counter is cleaned.
  • - Washbasins, taps, and fittings are cleaned.
  • - Shower cabin, bathtub, and tiles are cleaned.
  • - Toilet area is cleaned.
  • - Towels are either hanged or folded.
  • - Surfaces are moped and cleaned.
  • Bedroom Cleaning

  • - Trash is collected.
  • - Furnishings and furniture are dusted.
  • - The bed is made.
  • - Beams and joints are cleaned.
  • - Surfaces are cleaned.
  • - Clothes are collected and organized.
  • Lounge Cleaning

  • - Trash is collected.
  • - Furnishings and furniture are dusted.
  • - Surfaces are vacuumed and cleaned.
  • - Beams are cleaned.
  • Not Included In the Service

  • - Cleaning windows from the outside
  • - Moving furniture more than 20 kg in weight
  • - Cleaning dangerous surfaces and areas that cannot normally be reached
  • - Cleaning up pet waste
  • - Clearing molten and dangerous items
  • - Polishing, cleaning silver
  • - Applying insecticide
  • - Cleaning the garage

Questions about the cleaning service?

You can find the answers on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Frequently Asked Questions

All Services

Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning

Every cabinet in the kitchen is emptied, carefully cleaned, and refilled.

Refrigerator Cleaning

The inside of the refrigerator is cleaned and arranged.

Oven Cleaning

Stains in the oven are cleaned


You can choose 15 items or 30 items ironing.

Balcony Cleaning

The balcony or balconies in the house are cleaned.

Window Cleaning

Interior surfaces of the windows are cleaned. In homes where there is no safety problem, the inside and outside faces of the windows are cleaned.

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